Thin sections

All we know that the best results of geological research of thin sections are the main purpose of geologist in the world. This require the best thin sections for such scientific researches also minimal losses of geological material. Since 2012 we are selling our products and services in the Europenian Union especially Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Norway also we got customers from Africa and Asia. For commercial companies we are preparing special thin sections impregnated for petrography analysis of granites, gravels and sands for concrete and asphalt production, also in Norway we are cooperating with geological consulting companies in oil and gas sector (we are preparing unstandardized large thin section with blue dye impregnation). Morover we are producing the geological thin sections for archeologic research (ancient glass, pottery and architecture bulidings) also we are cooperating with geological survey in meny countries in the Europe, universities and museums. For thin section preparation we are using only high quality of materials.

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Thin sections petrography

Around 1851, A. Oschatz and H.C. Sorby started making thin sections of rocks to study in microscopes. Sorby wrote many papers on this topic, emphasizing the use of polarized light. He also designed a spectroscope for use with microscopes.In 1867-69 the U.S. Congress sponsored a comprehensive scientific study on a cross-section of the country, along the 40th parallel. F. Zirkel carried out the petrographical part of this project, his large report appearing in 1876. It contained large color illustrations of 44 thin sections, which received much attention. Many geologists became interested in making use of this technique. Since 19th century thin sections have 30 microns but the technique is more precise. Now the polished surface can be almost flat using supersonic ultrawawer or very fine dimonds for polishing.

Thin sections Petrography in Poland

The rock petrography examination with thin sections analysis in Poland was started by polish Proffesor F.Kreutz (1844-1910) in 1868 at University of Lwow (today Ukraina before II WW Poland).

Polished thin sections

The polished thin sections are dedicated for reflected light microscope obserwations. This type of thin sections or thick sections (optional) is prepared on glass and is not cover with high quality of polished surface.

The price is from 30 Euro per each, the most expensive which are prepared with special dry methodology, or the most hard rocks are the most expencive.

polished thin sections

Ordynary thin sections

The ordynary thin sections have 30 microns of thickness and they are covered with glass. This type of thin sections are dedicated for transmited light microscope observations.

thin section


Geological samples send to:

ul. KOŁOWA 46/11, WARSZAWA 03-536, POLAND

How to prepare the samples

The most importand for us it to know where the client would like to have the surface of thin section. For that the best is to mark the surface with "x" at the rock slab or mark the lines on rock pices

We are able to prepare thin sections from very small material but optimal is to have small 5cm x 3 cm x 1 cm block or pice of rock like hand-fist

dedline of thin sections production

For very fast orders we are able to offer the express service for thin sections production. For rock samples we could produce thin sections in 4 days from delivery. For gravels and sand we need about 5-7 days. The express work is 50% extra charge to the base price of thin sections production.

The normal dedline is 14 days from delivery. If the geological samples need additional works like vacum impregnation of special handling with dry hand made the dedline will be longer but the client will be informed about the progress of additional work.



mobile: +48 507 462 092


ul. Kołowa 46/11, 03-536 Warszawa


Below we are presenting the price for thin section preparation but the last price always deepend from the geological material

Thin sections price:

Ordynary thin section (~30 micron thinckness)

Thin section with cover glass: 25 Euro per each

Thin section polished no cover glass probe quality: 30 Euro per each

Grain thin section: 35 Euro/each

Blue dye Plus 3 Euro/each

Special handling samples (kimberlite, clay, coal, inclusions, etc) Plus 30 - 50 EURO/each

Fluorescent dye + 5 Euro per each

Express delivery (DHL) are extra payd

Delivery by ordynary post office is no charge.

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