Prospecting for natural resources

opis petrograficzny skał
Prospecting for gold - Poland

Prospecting for gold and its Mining has a long history and tradition in Poland. Just in the 6th century gold-bearing sand was washed out in the river valleys of Kaczawa and Bórb in Lower Silesia, and the gold production from placer and primary deposits in Lower Silesia might have reach 50 tons in the years 1175-1492. Later total gold output was distinctly lower, despite the several hundred years long exploitation of the skarn deposit at Złoty Stok and few small Sudetic vein deposits (Rdzimowice, Klecza-Radomice, Wądroże Wielkie, Czarnów etc…), which continued till 1930-ties. Presently the Kupferschiefer copper-silver ore mines are the only area of the gold gaining in the Fore-Sudetic monocline. Gold is separated during the silver refining. (S.Mikulski, A.Kozłowski; 2011)

Below I would like to present a collection of targets for gold prospects and identify areas that are still promising for gold prospection and exploration in Poland.