The ABC A HEAD was founded in 2009 by Piotr Krzemiński. Graduated in faculty of Geology on Warsaw University in 2007. Since 2011 working for MCC company in Poland gained experience in prospection and exploration with geophysic and drilling methods of deep Cu-Ag sediment hosted deposits. Since 2017 as a chief of geology in Champa GLM Lao company, since 2019 as a chief of geology in GLM Lao company gained expirience in team management, field prospection, shallow drilling and documentation of deposits. Moreover, he has experience in petrography and mineralogy and laboratory work. Still full of challenges for new experiences.

our history

The ABC A HED company has been founded in 2009 as a geology consulting company. While realizing many geological projects we were preparing the microprobe, microscope and statistical analysis from core material and thin sections form hundreds of archival boreholes in Poland. Since 2012 we are selling our thin secctions products and services to Polish research institutions and Europenian Union.


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Microscope analysis

  • Ore mineralogy

    For each style of mineralization the ore minerals have characteristic and typical association, correct recognize each is the key to the metal deposit discovery.

  • Rock forming minerals

    Helpful in recognize of lithology or rock is rock forming minerals description.

  • Petrography report

    Petrography report include both mentioned mineral description with thin section production and or sample collection. Additionally we are able to prepare the SEM, EDX or WDS microprobe research with full interpretation of analysis.


Deep and shalow drilling

Deep and shallow drilling

Shallow or deep drilling require the knowledge about drilling methods and hazards. With experience in drilling we are able to create and lead each drilling project.


Minerals analyssis

Our laboratory can prepare professional thin sections for Your geology research.

To support the mineral reserch, we are able to offer the heavy mineral analysis.